Roz Weisberg

I’ve always loved a good story and a good story stems from one thing… good writing.

I’m a development editor. I offer in depth developmental editing, analysis, evaluation and line editing depending on your needs and goals. My areas of focus include: fiction, creative non-fiction and screenplays with an eye toward commercial fiction, women’s fiction, literary fiction, young adult, memoir, personal essay and screenplays of all genres.

With twenty years of experience developing screenplays and manuscripts, I’ll work with you to get your material into the best shape possible whether you are self-publishing, looking for an agent or submitting to publishers and producers.

Regardless if you’re a first-time writer, have an agent, have already been published or had your screenplay produced, sometimes you need a fresh eye or someone who will ask you the right questions about your characters and plot.

Sometimes you need someone who can help get you started. Sometimes you need someone to help shape an idea. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

Email Me and let’s arrange a time to discuss your project and needs.